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Friday, 12 June 2009

DOTD1: London Xpress: Mixed by Harvey, Andrew Weatherall and David Holmes

On the way to work, I annoyed Bob Dylan by plugging into my iPod and wheeled through the playlists until I found something I hadn't listened to at all, or for a very long time.

I wound up with this little beauty.

When the NME was no longer a must have for me in 2000 they made me do a double take by pasting this free CD to its front page.

I was peaking as a DJ around this time and was very, very familiar with the mighty Nuphonic label. It was a mark of quality, eclectic music.

Each 12" release was eagerly stashed away until payday when I was squirreled away in the basement of HMV sticking the price labels to endless copies of the Best of Speed Garage 9.

Real US garage was released on Nuphonic, Roy Davis Jr for example.

World music was represented by Femi Kuti. Block 16 released a magnificently uneven album with Morning Sun but when it shone, it burnt through everything else for a while.

The label even gave us the best of the Notting Hill Carnival with Norman and Joey Jay's Good Times compilations.

So when XFM joined forces with the NME and the label they created a free CD I would gladly have stumped up decent dollar for.

Free CDs are ten a penny now and the quality control can be seriously lacking.

This has fine breaks and house, and to top it all off, one of my favourite tunes to drop at the start of the evening - Ella Fitzgerald injecting heart and soul into Cream's classic 'Sunshine Of Your Love'.

If you are browsing the charity shops and you stumble across this - get it. It will be among the best quids you will ever spend.


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